Tuesday 19 March 2024

Bath VW Campers, Frome, Somerset


Bath VW Campers, Frome, Somerset

Launched in 2016 with a crystal-clear vision, the company aimed to craft the finest campervans at prices within reach for many. This goal was realised by blending a deep love for campervans with innovative design and straightforward simplicity. Starting with a blank slate for every component of their vans, the team constantly asked themselves how they could enhance comfort, functionality, and durability, all while maintaining a commitment to affordability, safety, and high quality.

Their modern VW conversions are designed with meticulous attention to craft, comfort, and style, ensuring they enrich every journey, no matter the destination.

Each campervan interior is a masterfully designed space that marries style with utility and comfort seamlessly. Every element serves a purpose, and every detail is intentionally crafted.

The transformation of every campervan happens in their workshop, using only the finest materials. Yet, it's not just about the materials; it's about the skill with which they are applied. The team is dedicated to meticulously converting the vans, preparing them for any adventure that lies ahead, be it under the sun, in the rain, or through the snow.
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