Monday 30 October 2023

Gobur Ltd, Melton Constable, Norfolk

Gobur Ltd, Melton Constable, Norfolk  

Gobur Ltd in Melton Constable offers Britain’s No.1 folding caravan, the Carousel. We are the perfect place to shop for your next memorable holiday.

Gobur began experimenting with the idea of a folding caravan in the early 1970s. They soon discovered that a fold-down caravan offers lots of practical benefits: perfect for people with limited storage, less wind resistance, improved fuel economy and safer to tow.

We introduced the Carousel brand in the early 1980s and today supply fantastic, reconditioned and warranted pre-owned carousels. Our company boasts the largest display of folding caravans in the UK, ensuring you can find the caravan that suits all your needs.

Our business also offers full servicing, repairs and a spare parts facility. New and pre-owned Carousel awnings are also available.

We offer a range of Carousels to choose from, including the Slimline, Standard Width and Clubman. All the Carousels include modern furniture, wall-to-wall carpets and deep-buttoned upholstery for pure comfort. Later Carousel models offer a range of features, including a TV aerial connection point, aerodynamic styling, LED reading lights, fitted domestic refrigerator and much more.

It only takes 1 person to manage a Carousel folding caravan. Our design makes the erecting and folding as simple as possible.
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