Tuesday 19 February 2019

Five Reasons That We Love Winter Camping


Five Reasons That We Love Winter Camping

Even for some more seasoned campers, the thought of going camping in the winter months can be quite daunting. However, here at The Camping Directory we love a winter camping trip, in fact in some ways it’s even more fun than camping in the summer months! So grab a cuppa & read on for our five favourite things about winter camping trips!

1. It’s Oh So Quiet

If you favour more tranquil campsites to action-packed holiday parks, then you’ll already love curling up in your sleeping bag & enjoying the peace & quiet. But in those summer months, it isn’t really quiet, is it? Whether it’s chirping birds, buzzing insects or rustling leaves, you hear all the sounds of the nature surrounding you! There’s none of that when you go winter camping, and the silence is oddly addictive!

2. Cosy Around the Campfire

Campfires are great whatever the season, and some would argue they’re a crucial part of any camping trip! We love them the most in the winter, when you can warm yourself up & toast some marshmallows as a little treat. The days are shorter at this time of year too, and sitting around with just the light of the fire & the stars in the sky is truly magical.

3. Sweet Dreams

We’ve all been on summer camping trips where we’ve woken up in a tent that feels like an oven! A good quality tent & a good quality sleeping bag will keep you cosy through the night, and the peaceful surroundings & dark skies will help you doze off. You’re much less likely to find yourself in a jam-packed campsite at this time of year too, so no noisy neighbours to keep you awake!

4. Bug-free Zone!

From midges to mosquitoes, during the warmer months you can’t go camping without packing a whole host of insect repellents! There’s no need to worry about that at this time of year, so you can sit back & relax without a citronella candle or fly swatter in sight.

5. Bragging Rights

It’s really quite simple, and it’s extremely relaxing, but winter camping still scares a lot of people! You’ll have immediate bragging rights over less experienced campers, and have some fabulous stories to tell about your adventures. You may even convince some friends to try it out with you, although if you want to keep it as a well-kept secret then we won’t blame you!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our website & find fabulous campsites all over the UK & Ireland, as well as all the supplies you need for a fabulous camping trip at any time of year!

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