Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Camping With Kids
Camping With Kids

Family camping holidays are a wonderful experience that kids will remember for many years.

Whether you choose a countryside or coastal location, be sure to plan your days in advance.

Check out the area you are staying in before you leave. You can plan day trips or excursions, read up on top attractions and buy tickets online to save money before your visit.

When you are packing let children pack a bag of their own with a few of their favourite toys and games.

During the journey keep kids entertained with travel games like car spotting, road trip bingo or I-spy. Colouring books or a hand-held games console are also firm favourites. You will find your journey goes much quicker for you and your children if they have something to amuse themselves with!

It is a good idea to take snacks like fruit or biscuits and a drink to keep rumbling tummies at bay.

On arrival at your destination, give the kids a sense of responsibility with their own jobs to do. Let them help you with tasks like setting up the tent. They can also help you collect firewood if your campsite allows campfires.

Pack some jumpers or a light jacket, even in the summer, as evenings can become quite chilly.

Take some outdoor games with you. Footballs, badminton, swingball or a frisbee are popular choices.

Check out what onsite facilities are available for kids, for example, play parks, swimming pools or family entertainment.

Plan nature trails and explore the area for wildlife. Get kids to note down any animals they see. Use a chart to identify leaves, flowers or insects, kids will love ticking off any they find.
If you choose a coastal location, shell or fossil hunting is a great idea. Kids will also spend hours exploring rockpools.

Pack a scrapbook and a gluestick, get kids to collect leaves or save tickets from day trips. They can spend quiet evenings collating a physical reminder of their holiday.

Camping is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family. Take a look at our website, for inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.
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