Tuesday 16 April 2024

Pumphrey & Weston Shepherd's Huts, St Wenn, Bodmin, Cornwall


Pumphrey & Weston Shepherd's Huts, St Wenn, Bodmin, Cornwall

Pumphrey & Weston Shepherd's Hut offers an exquisite range of shepherd huts, home offices, and mobile catering huts crafted from top-quality, locally sourced materials, prioritising sustainability throughout the process. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous design and superb craftsmanship evident in each hut.

Utilising a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary methods, these eco-friendly huts are built to the highest standards, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. From sustainable timber construction to eco-friendly insulation and low VOC paint, every detail is thoughtfully considered to minimise environmental impact.

Catering to diverse needs, from cosy holiday homes to functional home offices, each hut is customisable to suit individual preferences and budgets. Popular layouts for 14ft, 16ft, and 18ft huts offer a practical starting point, featuring innovative space-saving solutions and charming amenities such as a hobbit wood burner and fold-down oak table.

With a variety of exterior colours available, including merlin grey & goosewing grey, juniper green & moorland green, and raven (slate blue) & goosewing grey, customers can personalise their hut to reflect their unique style and preferences. Pumphrey & Weston Shepherd's Hut is dedicated to providing affordable and profitable solutions for anyone seeking a versatile and sustainable living space.
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