Tuesday 19 December 2023

World Tents, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire


World Tents, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

World Tents in Milton Keynes manufactures and sells Tipis, Yurts, Marquees, Canvas Cabins and Historical Tents.

We have an array of brilliant glamping options to choose from, all perfect for an unforgettable getaway or event. All the glamping options are finished to a high standard and we provide a range of sizes to suit all your needs.

Teepee Tents:

These excellent tents can withstand very high winds and are well-ventilated for the summer months. The Ozan is perfect for outdoor lovers, acting as a ceiling/partial ceiling, great for protecting yourself from the rain. A variety of colours are available.

Yurt Tents:

Yurts act as a fantastic space for lots of uses, including workshops, holidays and sacred spaces. The crown cover can be made of clear plastic, great for star gazing. A range of colours, sizes and materials are available.

Marquee Tents:

Our gorgeous canvas marquess are brilliant for weddings, parties and the entertainment industry. It is made up of 2 roof sections and 4 side wall sections, offering an open/partially open space. They are easy to construct and extremely adaptable.

Historical Tents:

These stunning tents date from the 15th and 17th Century, ideal for battle re-enactments, TV and film sets, theatre, exhibitions and promotions. A range of colours are available.

We can also provide a range of tents for hire, from marquess to canvas cabins, please enquire for details.

We hold some tents in stock so please contact us to check if we have what you want. However, most of our tents are made to order. Orders are taken on a first come first served basis and confirmed upon receipt of payment or 50% deposit. Upon clearance of payment or deposit, we will send you a receipt and confirm the estimated delivery time. Any balance is to be paid in full upon completion of your tent.
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