Friday 19 January 2024

Sherwood Campers, Boughton, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Sherwood Campers, Boughton, Newark, Nottinghamshire 

Embark on Your VW Camper Adventure with Sherwood Campers!

At Sherwood Campers, the journey isn't just a road trip; it's a lifestyle. Specialising in VW T5 and T6 conversions, this family-run haven in Nottinghamshire transforms dreams into reality with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Sherwood Campers?

✅ Tailored Conversions: Craft your dream camper with bespoke VW T5 and T6 conversions. Your vision, your way!

✅ Quality Craftsmanship: Entrust your camper's transformation to skilled artisans using top-tier materials.

✅ Vibrant Variety: Choose from an array of bright colours to make your camper as unique as your adventures.

✅ Hand-Built Furniture: Enjoy the luxury of hand-crafted furniture, elevating your camper's comfort and style.

✅ Optional Extras: Personalise your haven with optional extras like diesel heaters, awnings, rails, and Reimo VTEC elevating roofs.

✅ Comfy Seating and Beds: Relax in plush seating that transforms into cosy beds, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Services That Catapult Your Camper Experience:

🔧 Full Conversions: Transform your VW into a fully-equipped home on wheels.

🔧 Part Conversions: Tailor specific elements to suit your needs.

🔧 Insulation and Lining: Ensure year-round comfort with quality insulation and carpeting.

🔧 Diesel Heater Fitting: Stay warm even on chilly adventures with expertly fitted diesel heaters.

🔧 SCA Roof Fitting: Elevate your space with Reimo VTEC elevating roofs.

🔧 Window Fitting: Invite natural light and scenic views into your camper.

🔧 Gas Safety Checks: Prioritize safety with thorough gas safety checks.

Your Adventure Awaits:

Sherwood Campers invites you to turn your VW into more than a vehicle; make it your home on the open road. Your adventure begins here!
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