Monday 21 August 2023

West Lancs Caravans, Creamery Industrial Estate, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire

West Lancs Caravans, Creamery Industrial Estate, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire 

At West Lancs Caravans, the company takes immense pride in its esteemed reputation within the used static caravan industry. The commitment to upholding high standards of service and post-purchase support remains unwavering. The establishment stands as Lancashire's leading provider of pre-owned static caravans, offering a diverse selection tailored to cater to various requirements.

The extensive array of static caravans is prominently showcased, featuring dimensions spanning from 10ft to 12ft wide. Prospective customers are cordially invited to peruse the selection at their leisure. Each caravan is thoughtfully equipped and furnished with essential amenities such as 240-volt electric central heating, double glazing, and a washing machine.

The absence of assertive sales personnel ensures a relaxed browsing experience. With unhindered access to the complete inventory of pre-owned static caravans, patrons are assured of making a well-informed decision.

West Lancs Caravans has cultivated expertise in transportation and siting services. Backed by contemporary equipment and a team of skilled professionals, the company guarantees the secure placement of used static caravans. The ability to adeptly site caravans in challenging and remote locations underscores the commitment to minimizing disruptions.

Operating hours have been extended, including Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm, further facilitating customers' convenience.
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