Tuesday 4 July 2023

Nikwax Ltd, Wadhurst, East Sussex


Nikwax Ltd, Wadhurst, East Sussex

Nikwax: Enhancing Outdoor Enjoyment with Sustainable Solutions


In 1977, a passionate mountain walker named Nick Brown embarked on a mission to keep his leather mountain boots dry during his outdoor adventures. Little did he know that his invention would lead to the establishment of Nikwax, a global leader in PFC-free aftercare and waterproofing solutions. Since its inception, Nikwax has been committed to providing sustainable products that prolong the lifespan and enhance the performance of outdoor footwear, clothing, and equipment. Today, Nikwax continues to prioritize environmental responsibility while striving to elevate the enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

Sustainable Practices and Product Range:

Nikwax has gained a reputation for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. From the beginning, the company recognized the importance of developing environmentally friendly solutions. Nikwax's range of products is designed to extend the life of outdoor gear, minimizing waste and reducing the need for replacements. By offering PFC-free treatments, Nikwax ensures that outdoor enthusiasts can protect their gear without harming the environment.

Preserving the Natural Environment:

At Nikwax, the mission goes beyond product development. The company aims to protect and preserve the natural environment that outdoor enthusiasts hold dear. By offering sustainable treatments, Nikwax empowers individuals to enjoy nature responsibly. By using Nikwax products, adventurers can confidently explore the outdoors, knowing that they are minimizing their impact on the environment.

Employee Ownership and Future Commitments:

On 1st February 2022, Nikwax underwent a significant transition. After being owned by Nick Brown for 45 years, the company became an Employee Ownership Trust, making all employees Partners in the business. This move aimed to preserve the company's ongoing purpose, independence, and commitment to its loyal customers. By prioritizing employee ownership, Nikwax ensures that the company's values and dedication to sustainability will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Nikwax's Mission:

Nikwax's mission is clear: to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors while protecting and preserving the natural environment. By providing sustainable treatments that extend the life of outdoor gear and elevate its performance, Nikwax enables outdoor enthusiasts to fully embrace their adventures while minimizing their ecological footprint. This commitment to both outdoor enjoyment and environmental responsibility sets Nikwax apart as a leader in the industry.


Nikwax's journey from a simple waterproofing wax for mountain boots to a global leader in sustainable aftercare and waterproofing solutions is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility, Nikwax continues to develop products that enable outdoor enthusiasts to protect their gear, prolong its lifespan, and reduce waste. As an Employee Ownership Trust, Nikwax ensures the preservation of its core values, benefiting both its dedicated partners and loyal customers. Embrace the outdoors with confidence, knowing that Nikwax is working tirelessly to enhance your experience while preserving the natural environment we all cherish.

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