Tuesday 11 May 2021

Camping in Nature at Vallis Veg, Egford, Frome, Somerset


Camping in Nature at Vallis Veg, Egford, Frome, Somerset

Camping in Nature at Vallis Veg offers a more natural camping experience than your average campsite. Our aim is for campers to be immersed in greenery - not squeezed together in a field. If you like a quiet camping experience with a campfire and aren't looking for luxury then we may be the site for you.

The site is situated on a small farm with a market garden and sometimes a few sheep and pigs. The camping pitches are levelled sites covered in woodchips on either wooded slopes or an open field sloping south. Since we have allowed some areas of rough ground to develop we have had increasing amounts of wildlife use the site including regular visits from a barn owl in the summer months, badgers, foxes, grass snakes, tawny owls, little owls, woodpeckers, weasels, newts, frogs, toads and loads of wild plants, songbirds and insects.

Our facilities are basic: a compost toilet and cold drinking water. No showers and no hot water! You can buy firewood onsite for your campfire or order some when you book.

We have a public footpath running through our site which gives easy pedestrian access to the town of Frome as well as lovely walks to some of the surrounding villages. 
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