Thursday 22 October 2020

Caravan Panels LTD, Preston, Lancashire

Caravan Panels LTD, Preston, Lancashire

Caravan Panels LTD is based at Catforth, Preston, Lancashire. Whether you are a caravan dealer, repair shop owner, salvager, breaker or a member of the general public, you will find all of your replacement panels needs right here.

No one has the choice or the prices that Caravan Panels LTD offers. The business has over 1000 parts online and over 5000 parts dating back to the mid-1980s all permanently available and all brand new. The business stocks panels from the mid-1980s right up to most of today's most popular models.

No more waiting for months and months for parts that are "out of stock", no more searching for panels that are "no longer available".

All of the panels available are manufactured by Caravan Panels LTD and it currently supplies most of the biggest names in the industry. Even if the company does not have the panel you are looking for in the shop the team offer a comprehensive RE-MOULDING service that allows them to take your original damaged panel and re-manufacture you one from scratch. Therefore solving that "no longer available nightmare".

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