Thursday 30 October 2014 Regal Furnishing, Ilkestone, Derbyshire

Regal Furnishing Ltd is an established business since 1997, providing caravan upholstery, motorhome upholstery, horsebox upholstery and houseboat upholstery services, concentrating on quality, we only use top quality products such as hardwearing durable fabrics and high-density foam.

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The upholstery work we produce is of the highest quality and we actively ask the customer to stay with us during the day so they can see the upholstery process and the transformation of their caravan, motorhome, boat or horse box. During this process from the choosing of your caravan upholstery fabric you will be able to see the cutting of your patterns to the sewing of each piece to filling and buttoning of the finished article.

Regal Furnishings specialise in Horsebox Upholstery. If your Horsebox requires new upholstery we can supply you with a top class quality foam, fabric and lining.

Regal Furnishings specialise in Houseboat, Narrowboat and Speedboat Upholstery. If your Houseboat requires new upholstery we can supply you with a top class quality foam, fabric and lining.

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