Tuesday 2 May 2023

Ecobat Battery Technologies, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Ecobat Battery Technologies Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Ecobat Battery Technologies sells the U.K’s best-selling leisure batteries. Whatever the season, wherever you travel, take a Numax Leisure battery.

Numax offers a fantastic range suitable for all applications and uses. Choosing a leisure battery is not as easy as choosing a car battery. Whether it is considering the power, available space or how many energy consumers you have onboard, there are a variety of issues you need to consider. Numax Leisure chargers are the perfect solution, with their chargers specifically designed for leisure application and easy to use.

They have a great range of Numax batteries available:

Numax Leisure – LV Range: The Numax LV range is maintenance free and perfect for customers who regularly use electrical hook-up. This range is the lowest price option and provides the least amount of cycles.
Numax Leisure – DC Range: The Numax DC range is the most popular range and is for customers who occasionally use electrical hook-up. The DC range is maintenance free and is ideal for Motor Movers; it offers between 220 and 230 cycles.
Numax Leisure – XDC AGM: The XDCAGM range is specifically designed for customers who regularly use their vehicle while off grid and rarely use electrical hook-up; the XDCAGM provides 360+ cycles. This range of batteries uses AGM Range Technology (Absorbed Glass Mat); it’s this technology that gives the XDCAGM a higher cycle rate
Numax Leisure – XDT30MF: The XDT30MF Numax Leisure battery utilises tubular technology, which ensures positive active material is protected and less likely to shed prematurely. Tubular batteries are designed to produce a deep discharge for a long time. This is the perfect choice for customers who use minimal electrical hook ups.

Numax leisure batteries are NCC (National Caravan Council) verified, highlighting to consumers the batteries are reliable and can be trusted.

Their delivery vehicles cover the whole of the UK every day and therefore being able to get our products to you when you need them. They also work very closely with their sister ‘battery distribution’ companies throughout Europe.
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