Tuesday 13 December 2022

Arch Leisure, Fiskerton, Nottinghamshire


Arch Leisure, Fiskerton, Nottinghamshire

Arch Leisure offers a wonderful range of pods from luxury glamping down to entry level camping pods, providing modular buildings covering a diverse range of needs including residential, wedding venues, floating homes, hotels and schools.

The business offers an array of shapes and sizes, providing the perfect building requirements for all customers. The buildings come with beds, kitchenettes and bathing facilities or just well insulated and ready to use at home, office or leisure park. They can offer bespoke models to suit your needs and specialise in supplying camping & caravan parks, farmers diversifying into the leisure industry and private individuals.

Glamping Pods: They provide a brilliant range of luxury glamping pods to buy or lease, ideal for lavish camping rooms, bed and breakfast accommodation or even hotel and extra holiday rental rooms. These stylish and spacious pods come with a bathroom, kitchenette, one or two bedrooms and lounge area. They also have panoramic entrance glamping pods which offer fabulous views from the inside. Elevated pods for challenging settings and smaller pods are available as well.

Camping Pods: The wonderful camping pods are great for nature lovers looking to experience the great outdoors with that touch of comfort. They come in 2 styles and lots of sizes. The pods are well-insulated and come with fully installed electrics and residential-quality double-glazed doors and windows.

Modular Buildings for Accommodation: These unique buildings use prefabricated modules manufactured in a factory environment which are transported to the site and connected together to form a complete building. This innovative way of building offers a variety of options, from a garden shed to a multi-storey hotel or housing block.
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