Thursday 22 September 2022

Goodwin Plastics Ltd, Crewe, Cheshire

Goodwin Plastics Ltd, Crewe, Cheshire

Goodwin Plastics LTD are the experts you want to talk to, when it comes to plastic items you need for your campervan, motorhome or boat. They offer a comprehensive service for bespoke plastic items, a range of water tanks suitable for your mobile transport and a range of other accessories for campers and boats.

The products made and stocked by Goodwin Plastics Ltd are used in homes, farms, factories and other businesses as well as for canal boats, yachts, campers and other types of mobile home. All products are made to the relevant standards to ensure you can be confident in their use and that they will last the longest possible time.

Water Tanks

To ensure you have a steady and fresh supply of water on your camper, motorhome or boat, Goodwin Plastics Ltd have a range of water tank variations to suit your needs. Including polypropylene water tanks that can sit under the hull or bow floor of a boat and meet the latest RINA and AISR standards. Other tank variations include flare edged polypropylene tanks complete with inspection cover, tri water tanks and also wall hanging water tanks. The last of these is ideal for mounting behind cabinets or interspaces and have a level indicator flange.


As well as tanks, you can also purchase other items for you camper, motorhome or boat. This includes various sinks with glass lids and a two-burner hob also complete with a glass lid. They also stock a domestic toilet with 360 degree pressurized flush and even a foldable sink. Finally, a full range of fuel tanks to suit your needs. When you are looking at boat and camper accessories, you want the right combination of stylish and practical items that fulfil a need and also look great if they are on show. At Goodwin Plastics, you will find they offer a range of bespoke boat and camper accessories that fit this needs.

Bespoke Service

In addition to the items available on the website, Goodwin Plastics Ltd can also design an item from scratch if there’s something specific you want and they don’t already stock it. They use high quality plastic fabrications and top materials to ensure all tanks are strong and durable and can also supply waste tanks as well as water ones.

As well as tanks, the team offer a bespoke design service for other types of plastic fabrication. If you want customised shelving for your home, ceramic disc brakes for a Bentley car or any of a number of other specialist pieces, they are there to help. All you need to do is provide the design or relevant information, so they can work through it with you to create the plastic items that you need.

The team at Goodwin Plastics Ltd pride themselves on their service. So whatever your requirement, they would love to hear from you and chat about what you need and what solutions they can offer you with their high-quality, plastic fabrications.

Speak to a member of the team today to receive your free, no obligation quote. Whether you need assistance with plastic water tanks, acrylics, mirrors, boat or camper accessories, they are there to help.

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