Thursday 6 January 2022

Campfire Cooking Grill, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Campfire Cooking Grill, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Campfire Cooking Grill offers a range of fabulous grills perfect for any occasion, from a spontaneous beach BBQ to a woodland feast. They are a must-have item for outdoor lovers, offering a compact and easily assembled grill that can be taken anywhere.

Their grills are great for any occasion, offering wonderful food over an open wood fire which doesn’t comprise on taste. This essential piece of kit provides an array of delicious meals, whether it’s grilling fish, vegetables or small joints, you will not be disappointed.

Wonderful features of the campfire cooking grills are that it is compact, easily assembled and dismantled, has a raised edge to prevent food from rolling off the grill and into the fire, boasts a 360 degrees rotating cooking grill, has an adjustable cooking height, is easy to clean, allows you to cook anywhere and is easy and clean to store when not in use.

They have two different options available: the family-sized Pioneer grill and the bigger grill, the New Original (the largest in the range). All the grills are easy to assemble over open campfires or a firepit, great for cooking meat or fish. All the waste from cooking goes straight onto the fire, with little residue after. The grills also come with a free carrying bag making it easy to pack and store.

They also offer a variety of accessories, including BBQ tools, log tweezers and The Dangler.

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