Thursday 16 April 2015 Rainwater Terrace, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

Rainwater Terrace is a new multi award winning product that has numerous advantages over products made to do a similar job.

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Rainwater Terrace helps to keep your stored rainwater fresh, reducing stagnation as it collects first in the top tier and then trickles down through the tiers as they fill and then back to the drain.

The Rainwater Terrace has numerous tiers. Each tier has two detachable planters that have integrated wicks delivering water to the root of the plants and encouraging growth. A large planter with capillary matting also sits on the roof of the top tier.
The Rainwater Terrace is available in varying sizes and colours meaning you can have one that suits you and your garden. It is very quick and simple to install with simple instructions to follow you will have your Rainwater Terrace set up in minutes.

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