Tuesday 3 February 2015

www.camping-directory.uk The English Caravan Company, Baldock, Herfordshire


We now repair, refurbish and service vintage caravans.

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Giving classic English caravans a second lease of life and a chance for those to re live the halcyon days of those long hot summers in a simple, basic but characterful caravan, when the sun always seemed to shine.

Our first build was the Classic Teardrop (Inspired by an original 1940's 'teardrop' trailer).closely followed by our slightly larger teardrop, the Toyhauler and then finally the 14ft, 2 berth luxury classic.

Our caravans are not mass produced, they are built entirely by hand in a joinery shop. They are not made from any fibreglass mould.

They are built entirely from timber and sheet aluminium and individually custom sprayed to the colour of your choice. A rare caravan business, completely different to the factory lead, mass produced, machine driven world. Our caravans are unique, hand built and bespoke.
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